On Preventing Vegan Health Issues


Being vegan, everyone is worried about your diet. Honestly, I believe any diet can be done right or wrong- whether you eat meat or not. Yes, eating meat can be part of a healthy diet- I do have moral obligations against this, but I would have to say meat is the equivalent of candy. Because of factory farms: awful conditions, cheap feed etc, meat is not what it used to be and is so acidic that a healthy diet is sooo much easier without it. But, if you don’t think the enslavement of animals is bad or just can’t get yourself to stop eating meat (I hear this a lot, but don’t understand it- if i can do it so can ANYONE else) meat can be in your diet (and cheese and eggs) maybe once to twice a week… like one should eat dessert. But you can easily eat a bad diet with meat and candy and refined grains just like one can eat an unhealthy vegan diet- of french fries, refined grains, tofurky sandwiches for lunch everyday. But for me, I try to eat a healthy vegan diet of mostly raw vegetables, beans, whole (gluten free) grains and coffee (just made that a food group) with nuts and seeds (should be in moderation, but I’m working on it. I’m currently obsessed with pumpkin seeds.) But protein, iron, vitamin D and vitamin B12 deficiency is always out there- even for those who do eat meat. I actually never thought I would have an iron issue until recently I had the worse cross country season of my life (I am a Division 1 runner) and apparently my ferritin iron levels were low. I was really sure what that meant (and am still not) but they put me on 50 mg of iron a day. My running life is SO much better now; I can go back to to do my 6 mile tempos in 39 minutes and my 10 mile ATs in 68 minutes. I also believe I might have been B12 deficient sometime in my freshman year. I kept forgetting EVERYTHING. I was never on a B12 supplement until about that time. I am also really lucky to have a caring family who will buy me all these supplements and the occasional blood test when necessary.

I love the elephantjournal.com and read tons of their articles. But I just found this one especially interesting because many people don’t think about protein deficiency- especially when they are craving carbs because of it. I honestly don’t find myself craving anything anymore (except chocolate occasionally) now that I am on the correct supplements and eating a well balanced diet. But I do know that when I am still hungry at night- the best thing for me (and probably you) to eat is some protein, especially if you workout and lift weights (which if you don’t- you should probably start).

To your health and go eat some beans.


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