Chipotle’s New Sofrita’s

Have you tried Chipotle’s new Sofritas? I really like them but in my moms words “It’s too spicy”. So if you are sensitive to spices it’s probably not for you. Same if you are sensitive to salt… I had to drink soooo much water and go to hot yoga to try and get all that salt out- it also doesn’t help that I get all the salsas, guacamole and extra black beans. But the tofu also, I would say although I may not have the best say in this having been vegetarian for more than three years now, has a similar texture to some ground meat. It’s still delicious and I will still be getting it every time I go… I will just watch the rest of the salt I eat for the few days after or before. I always get the salad with brown rice, extra black beans, sofritas, each salsa (including the corn), and the guac. ImageImage


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