My New Favorite Thing

I have been obsessed with lattes recently and I really wanted to know how to make one at home instead of paying almost $6 at Starbucks for my venti soy latte with an extra shot of espresso. I never thought I would become one of those people who buy those complicated drinks but here I am. I also wanted to be able to make one without any fancy machinery and a lower sugar one (Starbucks soy milk has lots of sugar and I prefer unsweetened beverages myself. If I am feeling something sweet though I like to add stevia because sugar wreaks havoc on your health. Sugar is okay once in a while but not everyday as I have started to consume these lattes everyday. It is difficult when Starbucks is part of your meal plan and on your college campus.) So I googled “how to steam milk in your microwave and came up with this video . And it has worked perfectly for me every time. I mean the soy milk at Starbucks is still better steamed than this, but it is so good it will do. I am also in love with Westsoy’s soy milk (yes it has natural flavors but I never seem to like any milk I make at home and I have tried to make lots (almond, oat, coconut).)

Here are some photos of the process


I made the coffee/espresso in the keurig while adding soy milk to the glass jar and heating it in the microwave for 60+ seconds (depending on how hot you want it). When the milk is done in the microwave, take it out, put the lid on it and shake it to your hearts desire. Reminded me a little of the shake weight but foam starts to appear on the milk in the jar. Pour the milk on your coffee or espresso and wall-ah! A latte you can change to your tastes, add a little cinnamon or stevia to sweeten and enjoy. If you don’t have a glass jar to use, west soy’s idea was to put it in a blender, which will work but that is a lot to clean.

(Fun Fact: the only difference between a cappuccino and a latte is a latte has foam at the top so west soy has it a little wrong with the foam on the top of their cappuccino.)


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