Happy Easter

I hope you are having a wonderful, cruelty free Easter. In lieu of the holiday, I decided to make some vegan fried egg using the recipe from http://luminousvegans.com/2013/10/17/the-vegg-vegan-egg-yolk/ 

It really turned out amazing and I gobbled it up too fast to take any pictures. But the Vegg really surprised me and the tofu, when cut thin enough, really does have the same consistency as an egg, just hope yours doesn’t crumble as mine did. I used extra firm tofu, cut in thin slices, fried in coconut oil with some of the Vegg mixed in water (I just beat it in a fork like one would an egg to make scrambled eggs), microwaved it for a 45 seconds, put on top.

It would be interesting to add the Vegg to the pan and crumble the tofu next time to make a scrambled vegan egg recipe. 

But this recipe is great for anyone who likes their eggs, just not the torture that comes with it. 

Happy Easter!


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