Coffee or Tea?

The age-old question is coffee or tea? And for my response I like to quote Ironman and respond: “Is it too much to ask for both?”

Why does it have to be coffee or tea? I love both beverages and generally resort to coffee when I need a lot of caffeine and tea when I have more time. I have a Keurig and it makes coffee faster than I can make tea. I also need more of a kick in the morning. But there are so many people who like tea, think coffee is some scary beverage that kills people and then there are people who just drink coffee and that is their beverage of choice. Nothing is wrong with either choice (although my boyfriend jokes that coffee is the Devil’s drink) but am I the only one who drinks both regularly? I love my coffee black or with stevia and it has to be dark roasted and my favorite teas are almost anything herbal along with green tea. Starbuck’s Vanilla Rooibos herbal tea is also one of my favorites and it does not contain any natural flavors. Arbonne’s Detox Tea is also a favorite of mine although it will help out your digestive system (read: will make you poop).

I do have an issue with black tea (including chai even though it has ginger in it). Black tea gives me the worst stomach aches and I am not sure why. Some websites say it could be the caffeine but coffee has more than black tea and I have no issue ‘stomaching’ coffee.

Both options are healthy (as long as no sugar or cream or much of anything is added), but the reason I would like to post this is feel free to enjoy both. Why limit yourself on healthy antioxidants? Eat and drink a variety of healthy food and drinks and you will find yourself a healthy person.

My favorite coffee right now.

My favorite coffee right now.

My favorite mug